We are building the largest and most diverse genetic biobank in Latin America to accelerate precision medicine and the development of new medicines for everyone.

Leveraging genomic diversity in R&D

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América Latina

We are a company formed by the union of nonconformists.

On the one hand, scientists who seek to discover who Brazilians really are and, on the other hand, entrepreneurs and investors who understand the value of this discovery for the country.

While other countries in the world are advancing in the sequencing of the DNA of their populations, Brazil is still behind. Traditional paths to the evolution of science do not advance. And we are the ones who lose out, because important traits that may be hidden in our genome are no longer identified, putting Brazilians outside of precision medicine.

gen-t was created to be a platform capable of including Brazil on the map of genomic research. Understanding our origins is the only path to full development. Through discovering our identity, we will be able to develop more effective medicines and treatments for our diseases and verify that Brazil is, in fact, one of the countries with the greatest genetic diversity in the world.


A platform that portrays the ethnic diversity of Brazil


Create multiple possibilities for innovation in different fields of human knowledge


Decoding data to translate the Brazilian soul and its identity as a human being


Brazil as a key player in genomic research

Who we are


The project's findings could translate into the development of new drugs that are more effective, more specific and smarter. And best of all: this is not a benefit for the individual, it is a benefit for everyone.”

Professor Lygia V. Pereira

Ph.D. in Human Genetics by Mount Sinai Graduate School in New York, Lygia researches the human genome. Because she understands the importance in increasing diversity of the world’s genome datasets, she decided to found gen-t. She is also Full Professor of Human Genetics at University of São Paulo.


We want to understand who the Brazilian population is and how this, in the long run, can lead to improvements in our healthcare system.”

Professor Tábita Hünemeier

Ph.D. in Population Genetics with an emphasis on the study of native and admixtured American population. Tábita participates in many projects about native Latin-American population such as DNA do Brasil Project, CANDELA Consortium and Native American Genomic Diversity Project. She received the L’Oréal Award for Women in Science of 2015.


This project is not a brick, it is a structure, an infrastructure module, which can revolutionize the way people do things and change the way this type of research is done in Brazil”

Dr. Alexandre Pereira

Cardiologist and PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of São Paulo, researcher at the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Cardiology at Instituto do Coração. He has participated as associate researcher in several key genetic studies on the Brazilian population.

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Map our essence and reveal our origins